Equipping Student Leaders. Our Ceiling is their Floor.

Leadership Training (LT) is an intensive summer program that serves to give you a comprehensive understanding of leadership within a Christ-like context. At our core, LT is a community of believers that want to passionately pursue God, learn to do family well, and grow together!


Equips each member to create, sustain, and participate in a community valuing a Culture of Honor and the Presence of God—to be rooted and grounded in love.
Focus on one of the five fold ministries explored in First Year. You will be rooted in the identity He has called you towards and learn to overflow with His Holy Spirit.
Discover and work towards the passion and destiny that God has placed in your heart. Work with URB counselors to organize activities and lead LT sessions for First & Second Year.

Areas of Focus

Find your voice and step into the calling and anointing that God has placed in your life.
Biblical Training
Be rooted and grounded in the Word of God and discover how honor, servanthood, and leadership are exemplified in the Bible.
Practicals and Servanthood
Learn the “how-to’s” of leading a community, both spiritually and practically, and gain insight in how to model a life of servanthood.
Learn with us how to love and empower other people to do the works God has called them. In the process, you will be loved and encouraged as well!
Presence and Prayer
Perhaps most importantly, learn the practicals and simplicity of hearing God’s voice, the process of abiding in His Presence, and praying with confidence to hear God’s voice!

URHOP’s Leadership Training has helped me grow spiritually and mentally in ways I never knew I could grow.

— Jackson Liang